Joining God in restoring all things – in our lives and in our world.

Our Name

A name says a lot... well, at least ours does. The name Town + Field Church represents what we strive to be as a faith community and how we seek to fulfill our mission of joining God in restoring all things—in our lives and in our world.

As a "Town", it is our hope to be a place of authentic community. This is a place where you can belong, knowing that you are loved and valued, and also participate, knowing that the mission of this Town depends on all of us working together.

As a Town, we each live our lives in the "Field" where we work, interact with our neighbors, raise our families, and live out our day-to-day lives. It is in these spaces that we are called to walk in the way of Jesus in the everyday moments.


The following DNA statements sum up who we are as a Town and how we engage with the Field around us. Based on the foundational truths taught in the Bible, all that we do flows out of these values.

Gospel - Centred

We cling to Jesus and every word of God’s story, daily learning to unchoose alternatives.

Spirit - Filled

We rely on the Holy Spirit, seeking all his joy, freedom, gifts, and fruit.

Authentic + Safe

True Community

In the Dirt

We live vulnerably, giving one another permission to be real.
We desire everyone known and needed, resisting the pull of mere attending.
We practice the way of Jesus in the everyday - in our work, relationships, money, and rest.

Every Generation

We live as an extended family across generations, and we fight for the next generation.

Mercy + Justice

We partner with others in protecting the powerless and caring for the hurting.

Intentional + Inviting

We diligently craft environments where people can encounter God.


We reproduce disciples, leaders, and churches who will go and do likewise.

Bold in Faith + Prayer

We believe in a big God and pursue his vision for the whole world to know him.

Our Beliefs

While the topic of faith is extremely broad, our foundational beliefs are quite simple. The following are our basic beliefs.




God created the entire universe, including humans. His desire is for all of us to exist in relationship with him.
We have all chosen to live contrary to what God created us for and this has broken our relationship with him.
Jesus died on the cross to take the punishment for our sins. Because of his grace, we can become his followers.

Holy Spirit



Followers of Jesus are empowered to live for him because they have been filled with his Spirit.
This ancient text is inspired by God and is the primary way that God speaks to us and invites us to participate in his story.
A global community of faith started by Jesus that works together to follow Jesus and share his good news.
For our full statement of faith, please visit our greater collective: Evangelical Free Church of Canada.

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