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What can I expect?

Sunday mornings at Town + Field Church offer you a chance to connect with God; no matter what your background is or where you’re at in your spiritual journey.

A typical Sunday service starts with our band leading us in singing, followed by a host giving an update of what’s happening throughout the week at Town + Field Church as well as leading us in a time of prayer.

The speaker for the morning will open the Bible and help us understand who God is and what He is doing in and through us. Following the message will be a time of singing and worship. During this time you will have an opportunity to participate in some of the ancient traditions of the church that are still relevant and vibrant to Christians today: remembering Christ’s death and saving grace through the symbols of communion and giving an offering as a reminder of God’s kind provision for us. If these are unfamiliar to you feel free to spectate, and don’t feel pressure to participate.

After about 80 minutes we’ll wrap up. On your way out, you can stop by our Connect Point and learn more about Town + Field Church and the various activities we offer.

If you have children Ages 0 to Grade 5…

On Sundays in Kids Town (Nursery to Grade 5), your child will be in an awesome environment; experiencing age-appropriate teaching and activities designed to help them encounter Jesus, grow as disciples and build lasting friendships where they are deeply known and loved.


When you first arrive at Town + Field Church on Sunday morning make sure to sign your kids into their classroom at the check-in counter in the foyer. You’ll receive two stickers – one with their name on it to put on their back and the other for you to keep and return to their classroom leader when you pick up your child(ren) after the service. This tag ensures we only release your child to you or an adult approved by you – don’t lose it! If one of our leaders has a question about your child or needs to contact you, your number will appear at the top of the screen in the sanctuary during the service.


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