Pre-Marital is designed to give couples that are considering a future together a unique opportunity to learn, gain wisdom, and discover the beauty of marriage in a positive, fun and safe setting. This unique program along with experienced mentors exists to prepare couples for marriage by addressing common challenges from a biblical perspective. Couples are matched up with a mentor couple who will answer their questions and give them the tools to prepare them for a successful marriage and family.
Marriage Mentoring is designed to equip, empower and encourage couples in their relationships and help them navigate through challenges. In an atmosphere of grace and love, couples can learn and grow through mentor couples experiences and biblical wisdom. This unique program will give tools to assist couples with better communication skills, work through conflict resolution and discover the gift of marriage and family.
Town + Field Marriage Mentoring provides pre-marital and newly married couples with a fun and safe setting to learn best practices, navigate common challenges and discover the beauty of marriage from a biblical perspective. Couples are matched up with an experienced mentor couple who will offer support, encouragement and wise advice.
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