Important Update from Pastor Darren

Pastor Darren announces he is stepping down to pursue an exciting new opportunity to empower churches across North America and globally 

Watch Pastor Darren’s announcement that he is stepping down as Lead Pastor of Town + Field Church on September 30, 2019, to pursue an exciting new season of ministry with a Christian organization called Leadership Network.

Don Reddick, the Chair of Elder Board, also gives a brief overview of how Town + Field Church will be led during the coming months and the next steps for identifying and calling a new Lead Pastor.

More information is included below.

Where is Pastor Darren going?

Darren will be joining the ministry of Leadership Network. Leadership Network is a Christian organization that empowers churches and church leaders across North America towards greater health, effectiveness and impact. They are headquartered in Dallas, Texas, however, Darren and his family will not be moving to Dallas. They will remain in Langley, where Darren will work remotely (Leadership Network’s staff team is spread across North America). Darren’s role will be Chief Operating Officer (COO), which essentially means he is responsible to oversee Leadership Network’s staff and strategies.

Why is Darren leaving?

Darren was not seeking an opportunity to leave our church (he loves Town + Field Church). Darren has been involved with Leadership Network for the past five years (as a participant and facilitating experiences for other pastors). Leadership Network approached Darren in May with this role. Through much prayer, discussion and consultation, Darren, Wendy and their boys believed God was directing Darren’s steps into this new ministry role. It is with excitement, but also a heavy heart that he steps down as Lead Pastor of Town + Field Church.

Will Darren, Wendy and their boys be leaving the church?

No. Darren and Wendy consider Town + Field Church their home and they remain committed to this community and what we are building. Wendy will remain as part of the staff team. Taylor and Matthew will continue in the youth group and serving on Sunday mornings in media and Kids Town. Darren has offered to help preach through the transition and longer if desired (see below for more on preaching). When he’s not helping in that capacity, he’s looking forward to regularly serving in KidsTown.

When is Darren’s last day?

Darren’s last day as Lead Pastor will be September 30, 2019.

Who will be leading when Darren steps down?

The current senior leaders in the church (Katie Splinter, Matt Myers and Clement Wee) will form a transitional leadership team, with Derek Rogusky acting as a coach and advisor to them. Together, the four of them have been central in helping lead the church and are well positioned to lead through the transition. The Elders will give oversight to the leadership team and Derek through the transition. We are excited about continuing to move forward in all that God is doing at Town + Field.

Who is going to be preaching?

During this transition time, Pastor Matt will take on the primary responsibility for teaching and preaching at Town + Field Church. He will make use of a preaching team, including Darren and other gifted preachers in our congregation. As a result, we generally anticipate Pastor Matt preaching 2-3 times per month with other preaching team members together preaching 1 to 2 Sundays a month.

Who is going to be the next Lead Pastor?

Per the process outlined in the church bylaws, the Elders will establish a Lead Pastor Search Committee this Fall. The Search Committee’s first task will be to develop a comprehensive job description for a new Lead Pastor based on the needs and mission of the church. This will be done through extensive consultation and research. It is anticipated that a formal search for candidates will begin in early 2020. That does not mean that a new Lead Pastor will be identified early in 2020, it simply means that a formal search is anticipated to begin at that time. Throughout the process, the Search Committee will be accountable to the Elders and providing the Elders with regular updates. As per our Bylaws, a final candidate will be called and elected through a vote of members at a Congregational Meeting.

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