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Joining God in restoring all things – in our lives and in our world.



Gospel-Centred - We cling to Jesus and every word of God’s story, daily learning to unchoose alternatives.

Spirit-Filled - We rely on the Holy Spirit, seeking all his joy, freedom, gifts and fruit.

Authentic + safe - We live vulnerably, giving one another permission to be real.

True Community - We desire everyone known and needed, resisting the pull of mere attending.

In The Dirt - We practice the way of Jesus in the everyday - in our work, relationships, money and rest.

Every Generation - We live as an extended family across generations and we fight for the next generation.

Mercy + Justice - We partner with others in protecting the powerless and caring for the hurting.

Intentional + Inviting - We diligently craft environments where people can encounter God.

Multiplying - We reproduce disciples, leaders and churches who will go and do likewise.

Bold In Faith + Prayer - We believe in a big God and pursue His vision for the whole world to know Him.



As a member of the Evangelical Free Churches of Canada, we subscribe to the following beliefs:

  1. God’s gospel expresses the wondrous perfections of the eternal, triune God.
  2. God’s gospel is authoritatively revealed in the Scriptures.
  3. God’s gospel alone addresses our deepest need.
  4. God’s gospel is made known supremely in the Person of Jesus Christ.
  5. God’s gospel is accomplished through the work of Christ.
  6. God’s gospel is applied by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  7. God’s gospel is now embodied in the new community called the church.
  8. God’s gospel compels us to Christ-like living and witness to the world.
  9. God’s gospel will be brought to fulfillment by the Lord Himself at the end of this age.
  10. God’s gospel requires a response that has eternal consequences.

For a more detailed version of our Statement of Faith, visit www.efccm.ca



We have an awesome staff team dedicated to Town + Field Church and all it's members.

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We are members of the Lower Pacific District off the Evangelical Free Church of Canada (EFCC) which includes international ministries through the Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission (EFCCM).


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